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Family Dog Center        
Where Dogs are not just Dogs, They are family.
                                   Dawg Haus Pet Hotel & Daycare                                        

          Doggie Daycare - Your dog's playground for a happier life!                         

  Family Dog Center is committed to your dog having a happy and playful day. Dog's are our companions, our partners, our family members, and they need all the positive - fun filled days possible. We have five large outside play yards & three indoor play areas so we can match your dog's play habits with other day care dog's to ensure a safe and happy day for each dog.  We have 1000's of dog's coming too our complex each year so we understand your dog's needs. Our complex has over 40,000 sq. ft. of facilities for your dogs enjoyment!

  We are the best in the tri-state -- 5 outdoor Play areas, and  3 indoor play areas!

Our Specialty:
Our specialty is our care and understaning of dogs, and we care for your dog the same as you.  Along with all our other services, Daycare is an important service to our clients.

Our Facility:
Our Doggie Daycare has the largest indoor and outdoor play area's in the tri-state.  We provide supervised play time for your dog, in a safe and fun play environment.  Dog's are matched up with other dogs with the same play habits!
Our Philosophy:
Your dog can expect a full day rich with exercise and attention from our dedicated staff members, filled with socialization and activity which alleviates negative behavior at home due to boredom or lack of exercise. Dog's are supervised closely and good behavior and manners are encouraged with only positive reinforcement.

Dog professionals built this complex for dog activities that everyone can enjoy.  For 11 years Family Dog Center has supported you and your dog's needs. 

Our complex is in the Airport Industrial Park just across the parking lot from the Airport Terminal. If you fly into La Crosse you may wish to walk and stretch your legs; this stroll will take you approximately 4 minutes to arrive at our Dog Complex of the future.

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Properly trained, a man can be
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